Matt Dickerhoof

President/Business Development

Matt has been in the construction business since high school and has worked with Milt for the past 15 years, using his welding services. “Success is not measured by how much money you make but by how much of a positive impact you make in people’s lives.”

I’ve had some very expensive tools stolen from job sites, so security is always a concern of mine… Matt started working for his father remodeling houses in Carmel, California, and still works in his family’s business, now based in Corvallis, Oregon. He learned all about building from the ground up when he built his first house, taking care of every aspect of construction from foundation, framing,plumbing, all the way through to painting and landscaping. He got his contractor’s license in 1994 and began studying for his real estate license on the rainy days.

For the past 14 years he’s headed up the construction aspect of Dickerhoof Properties, working all over Oregon and beyond, first on apartment, office, and commercial remodels, and now new commercial construction. He recently got his pilot’s license to help cut down travel time to and from jobs, which can be as far away as Nevada, Idaho and Wyoming, all states where he has contractor’s licenses.

To call Matt a “hands-on” guy would be an understatement. When he’s not dealing with city permissions, inspections, and hiring subcontractors, you can find him on the job site working along side his crew doing everything from ditch digging to steel stud framing and running machinery.

“I’ve had some very expensive tools stolen from job sites, so security is always a concern of mine, hence my interest in the Invizi-lock. Not only is it a tool to prevent theft and give customers the peace of mind that their gear will be there when it returns, it gives me additional opportunity to work with a great friend, Milt. He’s done welding for me for more than 15 year and has a lot of the same characteristics I admired in my father. I also like the new challenge of marketing a product that I believe in 100% as I venture into a field completely different from construction.

“I have a car-carrying trailer equipped with an Invizi-lock system that I use for hauling 5 snowmobiles,and I don’t want anyone messing with them at my house or if I leave some in the trailer while I go riding.”

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