How it works

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What’s so revolutionary about the InviZi-Lock system?

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The InviZi-Lock system is mounted to the inside of your trailer door, safely out of reach from thieves and their often sophisticated break-in tools.


Remote access

Your trailer can only be accessed electronically with your keyless remote, which fits easily on your key ring.

picture of exterior trailer doors


The InviZi-Lock system is invisible from the outside of your trailer.

NO other locking system is safe from thieves

Traditional locking systems can ALL be broken because they’re on the outside of your trailer. If thieves have access to a lock, they’ll find a way to break it.

The locking mechanism in a factory original locking system can be easily cut with a hacksaw or basic bolt cutters.

For extra security, you might buy an after-market locking system. But the thin metal can be easily cut. The INVIZI-LOCK system can not be accessed from outside the trailer and can not be cut.

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